let’s get creative as writers

So glad you found M.E.! Welcome! Here at Writing with M.E., we are going to have some creative writing fun. I’m switching content writing gears to include more creative expression in my life. Because that’s the reason I got into this web content writing business a decade ago—to be a fiction author. 

Here I am, happily with a successful writing career, but not writing what I need to write. And, let’s be honest. 2018 was rough…putting this year in past-tense, right where it belongs. I am making a creative change in 2019 and shining as brightly as I can to help break through the dark depressive skies. 

This is what I offer for you. A chance to get lit. A chance to learn something about creative writing. A chance to become a part of an emerging creative writing community that does more than just churn out copy in exchange for vegan cheeseburgers.

What You Get From Me

  • Posts about literary concepts like foreshadowing and allusion and, the all-time apple-of-my-eye, alliteration

  • Posts where I create a character based on these lit concepts

  • Posts where I take the literary concept and the character of the month and write a flash fiction story using the two

  • Book reviews! Because readers and writers are destined bedfellows

What You Can Do With It

Along with learning something lit each month, you get to see how the creative process unfolds. I do hope you use each concept each month to write your own character sketches and flash fiction. If you do, I’ll post them here for the world to read while giving you complete credit (and I would never request any ownership rights, this content remains yours). Let’s create a creative, open, accepting community of writers who generate something great in the world.

Choose Content Strategy Consultation Services

If you are a business searching for a web content writer, I am currently filled to capacity with clients. However! I’m always interested to hear from you about your project and to offer creative content strategy development services. I am available for email or phone consultations to discuss your web content strategy and to assist with content strategy development. 

  • Flat rate of $75 per hour

  • Purchase three sessions at once to receive a free fourth session

  • New clients submit answers to a questionnaire prior to our first session

This way I can spend some time researching and developing a content strategy for you before we even talk. In one session I am able to outline a content strategy for your online marketing goals. If you are dead set on getting started with content marketing, like yesterday, I recommend booking four consecutive weekly sessions.

Contact me today to request web content strategy consultation services.

Why Hire Me for Content Strategy Consultation 

Learn more about my professional work history as a content writer, along with my flexibility in writing styles with these clips and samples. You can also check out the Web Content Writing Information where I provide free, relevant information about web content writing.

Whether you are just getting started with web marketing and content for your business, or you have a clear understanding of your content needs, I will join you in your journey and add content marketing value to your business.

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