I Promised You Fiction.

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I Did and I Mean It, I Do

I promised you fiction and that is exactly what I will give you.

Soon. Very soon.


Sneak peak.

Chapter 1 Codeine Clouds in Elementary School

I was drinking codeine long before Lil’ Wayne. I was seven when I first started sipping the sizzurp. The problem was my bronchitis. I coughed too much, too loud, too long at night. The fat aunt, “You will call me Mom now,” told the doctors she wouldn’t leave without it. A prescription of codeine cough syrup was the only thing that would keep me asleep at night, allowing her to sleep so she could go to work. After listening to the a.m. broadcast of the funeral announcements from the night before to see who died…. 

More soon.

Questions No One Ever Asks About Foreshadowing 

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Hasn’t the question, “What is foreshadowing in literature?” just been driving you batty? I mean, fore shadow. It sounds like it might be something that comes before the shadow, which would be the You or the Me, right? Because without a nouned entity, the shadow would be null. But it’s something you see in books. So the whole shadow theory flies witchy out the window. Now you’re left with something that writers use and readers want to learn about to see how their favorite writers use it. Foreshadowing. Let’s talk about it.

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